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Welcome to Link 2 Ideas

Here is a platform to share your ideas!

No longer be lost on where to put those valuable ideas that pop up in your head. Just create an account and keep posting your thoughts on various categories.

Here everybody shares their ideas so that somebody benefits. It could be anywhere in the world! You can also add on to another person’s ideas so that they become a fully developed concept that can be executed. Let us help one another to grow ourselves.

You can post your ideas and tag it with the relevant category so that someone who searches for the topic can easily get it. Create a simple profile with just your basic information and start your first step right away. So that, anytime and every time when good ideas come up, you know where to go and what to do. 


Together to the future...

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Bring out the star in you!


Send us any of your creative piece of work. It could be a painting, craftwork, story, recipe...anything that you believed in and executed beautifully. The selected work and about you will feature in our website!


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